Concurrency scaling with Redshift Serverless


Concurrency scaling is supported even with Redshift Serverless? seems like there is no documentation around this for AWS Reshift Serverless. If I have configured the base RPU, will it be changed automatically based on the workload? What happens when I am at Max RPU & there is more workload / more number of users accessing the data warehouse?

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With Redshift Serverless there is no Concurrency Scaling charges as you see with Redshift Provisioned. In Redshift Serverless you do not provision nodes. Instead you start with Base RPU, which is Redshift Processing Units. You can go as high as 512 RPU's. Redshift Serverless handles the provisioning and scaling of compute for you. The serverless instance can scale higher from the Base RPU to accommodate more workloads as they come in automatically up to the usage limit you specify in Max RPU's. If you are at maximum RPU's then Redshift will queue up user queries for execution.

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answered 11 days ago

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