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CloudFront for WordPress Origin same as alternative


I have a website under and I want to leverage CloudFront to improve the performance. Can I specify for both Origin Domain Name and Alternative Domain Name? If not what is the suggestion? Please consider SEO if I need to change the Url.

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You should use the actual DNS name/names you want for your website on the distribution CNAME settings (make sure you have a proper certificate for them, created on Amazon Certificate Manager for free)

The origin should be using a different DNS name, but no one will be able to see it, as all traffic should be fronted by CloudFront.

You need to make sure your Origin Request policy does not or does include the Host header, depending on the way the application is built, and the hostnames on which it "listens".

answered 8 months ago
  • Are you saying I should use something like for Origin Domain Name and for Alternative Domain Name? Do I need to change something in WordPress for this? Is it just for getting the website IP address?

  • Depending on how you configured your website on Wordpress, but actually you can use CloudFront's Origin Request Policies to forward the origin Host header to your application, regardless of which DNS name was used to access it. In this case no changes are required on your WordPress.

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