How long can items in AWS Backup be retained for?


It never mentioned on their docs or faq or etc, we need to save the EC2's and associated EBS blocks for at least 7 years. We were thinking of storing the AMI in a S3 but AWS Backup is more simple, but I cant find if it can support that length of time. No answer on here

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"AWS Backup can retain snapshots between 1 day and 100 years (or indefinitely, if you do not enter a retention period), and continuous backups between 1 and 35 days." This is what shows up under the "Retention period" info/description page in the Backup console when creating an AWS Backup plan.

Additionally, the AWS Backup docs say this: "Snapshot backups can be taken as frequently as every hour. Snapshot backups can be stored for up to a maximum of 100 years. Snapshots can by copied for full or incremental backups."

If you're planning to keep the backup for 7 years and not planning to restore it often, then it's also a good idea to make use of lifecycle policies in the AWS Backup plan to move those backups to cold storage so you save on backup costs :) Best practice says to move the backups to cold storage after 8 days:

"If you want your backups to be incremental, you must have at least one warm backup. Because each backup to cold storage is a full backup, AWS Backup recommends that you set your lifecycle settings to not move your backup to cold storage until after at least 8 days."

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