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Hello, we have a site-to-site VPN between Azure and AWS which works well, the Ping, Telnet and RDP tests work very well between the 2 infrastructures. on the Azure VM, I need to access, via HTTP, to a Webserver on AWS and which is behind an NGINX reverseproxy. I configured AWS DNS IP on the Azure VM and performed :

  • the http://monsite.com test (Error:DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN)
  • I tried with the reverse proxy IP's http://X.X.X.X and I got an Nginx error (503 Service Temporarily Unavailable nginx) how can we do this configuration and access the web server from the Azure VM? I don't see what I'm missing

little help will be great Regards

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You’ll need to configure an outbound route 53 resolver in aws.

Within azure you will need inbound resolvers configuring.

Then in AWS create route 53 rules for domains you wish to forward to azure to the corresponding inbound resolvers setup in azure.

This will allow you to resolve internal azure dns zones.

If you need the reverse, do the opposite. Outbound on azure and inbound endpoints in aws.

You can’t just point a VM in azure to the AWS route53 vpc resolver.

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answered 3 months ago

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