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Does VPC need to be updated if client is changing VPN settings?


Currently, a Lambda function uses a VPC to connect to client's server and fetch data. The client will be updating their VPN, and thus, do the VPC settings need to be updated as well? For example, the client is changing the encryption scheme, but I don't see anything related to encryption in VPC?

1 Answer

You might want to go to VPC console, under VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN) check customer gateway and site-to-site VPN connection settings.

answered 5 months ago
  • Hi Jason, there are no VPN gateways or site-to-site VPN connection settings under VPC console. The client does not use AWS, they just made an exception in their firewall for the addresses that are available in the VPC--I have to use a login and password to fetch the data.

  • In that case just wondering how the communication happens from the VPC to the on-prem? are the communication happens through NAT GW / public internet? If so, as the traffic is not encrypted through VPN, VPN related changes have no impact on the AWS side.

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