QnA Chatbot not recognizing some questions.


I was making a chatbot for a Japanese company and was using the QnAbot to create it. I imported all the questions and answers on the QnAbot Designer.

After trying to test the chatbot using QnAbot Client, I found that even though the question exists on the Designer, it does not seem to give me a response. Some words seem to work, while the majority do not, without any sort of pattern. I am not certain what is causing the issue. For example,

These works:



These do not work:



They are similar yet one works, while the other does not. In total, there are around 500 questions and answers. Is it the Japanese characters? I am not certain.

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I was able to solve it. The problem was the format of the answer (it was in code form). After removing the code portion, it worked

answered 8 months ago

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