No BGP routes but S2S VPN tunnels are up


I am facing a weird situation when setting S2S VPN with azure. From aws side, I can see that tunnels are up but there are no routes propagated. However on the other side I can see connection and route propagation too. I specified CIDR block of and I configured the bgp IP on azure side as Can anyone suggest how to debug and what else can be checked.

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Curious how many routes you are trying to advertise from the Azure side and what you are connecting to in AWS (VGW or TGW). VPNs to VGW will only allow 100 dynamic routes from a customer gateway, while TGW will allow up to 1000 routes.

Also I would check to make sure route propagation is enabled.

Lastly - you can check detailed logs on the AWS side with CloudWatch, just make sure logs are enabled for the VPN.

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