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How to use AWS Tranlsation if I only have plain text, not CSV, not Memory files?


Hello folks,

I have been translating manually more than 3 million words and I just wanted to use that to accelerate my translations. I guess AWS translation, and the parallel feature, is just what I need but when I tried to input my files I discovered that you can only upload CSV, Memory Translations and another format that is new to me.

I only have the translations in 2 websites, each one in a different format, and with some patience I can create Word files, but, How can I transform it to CSV? Or, What can I do?

The problem with CSV is that sometimes I join 2 English sentences in just 1 Spanish sentence, so it is not a 1 to 1 correlation.

Any ideas?


1 Answer

Hi Arnold,

Amazon Translate does support .txt or Word files, please see this documentation:

You need to upload the file to a S3 bucket and run a batch translation job from the AWS console.

From your description it seems that you are relatively new to AWS. If you are not comfortable working with S3 buckets, you can also use the Real-time translation function in the AWS Console. There is a text box that you can paste the plain text into. However you can only translate 5000 bytes at a time. So you might need to split your file into smaller chunks.

answered 4 months ago

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