The instance family 'mac2' is not supported.


region: us-east-2

I'm following this blog:

but got such an error: The instance family 'mac2' is not supported.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

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1 Answer

Mac instances can run one of the following operating systems:- macOS Mojave (version 10.14) (x86 Mac Instances only) macOS Catalina (version 10.15) (x86 Mac Instances only) macOS Big Sur (version 11) macOS Monterey (version 12)

The mac2.metal instances are powered by M1 Apple Silicon processors. 8 vCPU, 16 GiB RAM, 16 core Apple Neural Engine | 10 Gbps Network and 8 Gbps EBS bandwidth

The Instance must be placed onto a Dedicated Host because these are physical Apple Mac minis. mac2.metal is not supported by Host Resource Groups. Therefore you cannot use mac2.metal Instances in Auto Scaling Groups.

PLease check the above considerations to find the cause of your issue.

answered a year ago

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