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/No Graviton instances for global datastores/

No Graviton instances for global datastores


I have a couple global datastores running Redis 5.0.6 in us-east-2 and us-west-2 and I was planning on switching the instances to the Graviton-based instances (m6g) but for some reason they're not showing up when I attempt to change the Node Type. Has anyone seen this before? I verified that those regions support Graviton instances for Elasticache as long as Redis version is >=5.0.6.

The sections show up in the drop-down menu, but the actual instance sizes aren't listed. This is the case for all the datastores. I've tried relogging into the account to see if maybe it was some kind of weird caching issue, but that didn't help.

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1 Answers

Turns out since Graviton instances for Elasticache was just recently released (<2 months), there was limited capacity within the AZs that the clusters were running in. The API checks if there is capacity within each subnet/AZ included in the subnet group, and if at least one of the AZs doesn't have capacity it will not apply the modification or even show it as an available option.

answered a year ago

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