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Hi AWS, One of our application teams want to host a containerized Web application in USA and in Germany Data center of AWS. The application:

  1. Need to be hosted a AWS infrastructure.
  2. Need a web front end.
  3. Need to have an SSO integration.
  4. Need to consume Google Map API for end users to show the location of the company offices.
  5. The application will have over 30 concurrent users hence need load balancing.
  6. The application database is in GCP. So, it needs to connect to Google cloud to access the data.

I need help with the architecture diagram for the following along with how to develop a similar architecture for Cloud Agnostic solution in Kubernetes. Which all AWS services will be best suited for the same.

For containerization, which service to choose, is it ECS or EKS. And for SSO Integration, will AWS SAML or Cognito be a good option as the application logging functionality and exact user login requirements are hidden from me.

I found this workshop link handy but I am not sure if it solves my purpose in AWS terms or not as selecting the right AWS service for a given task is still a challenging task for me.

In order to host application across multiple regions I thought AWS Global Accelerator could be a great fit but the confusing part is "host a containerized Web application in USA and in Germany Data center of AWS".

Please help

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EKS is closer to Cloud Agnostic You can route traffic between two regions via Route53, or use CloudFront as CDN in front of regional resources.

For the database access you need a private connectivity, for example site-to-site VPN between AWS and GCP

For the SSO, Cognito is a vendor-lock. So SAML would be more Cloud Agnostic



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