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/Greengrass V2 Lambda: Use Thing name in MQTT topic subscription/

Greengrass V2 Lambda: Use Thing name in MQTT topic subscription


I'd like to use a device's Thing name in the MQTT topic subscription for a Greengrass Lambda, e.g.:

  "topic": "hello/${AWS_IOT_THING_NAME}",
  "type": "IOT_CORE"

This question was asked a year ago and the guidance was that this sort of configuration was not possible at that time, and instead one might setup the subscription manually within a pinned Lambda or custom component:

Is that still the case today? Alternatively, would it be possible to use the configuration merge feature to modify the Lambda subscription to a device-specific topic after deployment or some other simple workaround?

Apologies for the duplicate question if indeed the guidance is still the same as before!

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Accepted Answer

Hi there,

We currently plan to support iot:thingName recipe variable within configuration section in Nucleus v2.6.0

answered 3 months ago
  • Great, thanks!

  • Two followup questions: Will iot:groupName be supported as well? And is there a planned release date for v2.6.0?

  • Sorry, it won't. Only the variable here (Recipe variables section) will be support in configuration section (without component_dependency_name:configuration:json_pointer)

  • Ok, good to know, thanks!

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