Can s3Client be made without using s3 bucket region?


My use case requires building the s3Client to get the status of s3 bucket which I am using. Now, my issue is while making the s3Client using AwsBuilderService's s3Client method, it asks for the bucket region which I am not getting from the user. The solution for that would be to fetch the s3 bucket region programatically which inturn requires the s3Client. So is there any workaround to this issue like can we create the s3 client without passing the s3 bucket region or if not possible then can we get the s3 bucket region programatically without using the s3Client at all? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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To my knowledge to access an s3 bucket you need to connect to the s3 endpoint in the region the bucket is located in, hence why the region parameter is required for the client (so it can get the endpoint)....See more info here.

There is a feature to use multi-region access points and in that scenario you need to provide the s3 client the access point instead of the bucket directly

What platform are you running the s3 client on? If on Lambda you can reveal the region the lambda is running in from the environment variable AWS_REGION, there is similar in ECS and in EC2 can be gathered via metadata service. Where the platform and bucket are or might be in different regions I suggest using an SSM parameter to store the region for the bucket and your application can get the parameter to get the correct region

answered a year ago
  • I am using java SDK for accessing the s3 buckets and other resources status

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