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DataSync Agent on EC2 VM



I would like to ask about DataSync Agent deployed on EC2 VM. We have EC2 machine with DataSync Agent installed and we noticed that both the machine kernel and the agent itself are outdated.

According to FAQ ( A: Updates to the agent VM, including both the underlying operating system and the AWS DataSync software packages, are automatically applied by AWS once the agent is activated. Updates are applied non-disruptively when the agent is idle and not executing a data transfer task.

But it doesn't seem to be working for us. So the question is how to fix the automatic update or update the machine and agent manually?

I would appreciate any help on this topic. Best regards

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You are correct that updates to the DataSync agent are managed directly by AWS. Agent updates occur on an ongoing basis while the agent is actively connected and activated to the AWS DataSync service. Verify you have opened the correct ports outbound from your agent to AWS. These ports can differ depending on if you activated your agent over a public of private endpoint.

If the agent is not updated after verifying outbound ports please open a support case.


answered 25 days ago

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