Where and how exactly does Secrets Manager store Secrets


I just read the entire User Guide and unless I am missing something I found nothing that spells out exactly what is used to store secrets (S3, database, etc?) and what security controls/level of security is in place (other than the secrets being envelope encrypted by AWS KMS). I understand this is quite basic, but I can't find the information anywhere. I also watched Secrets Manager presentations from AWS on YouTube and none of them spelled out how things work behind the scenes.

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In general, we don't talk about how services are built behind the scenes. They are managed services and they are designed to deliver the features that are in the documentation. While the implementation details may be interesting in general they aren't public. This also gives us the freedom to find different ways of implementing services which might increase performance or decrease the cost to customers. There are absolutely cases where we talk about these things; but for the most part we don't.

In this case: Does knowing how the service work influence your decision to use it? Or change how you would use it?

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answered 3 months ago

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