EU-PhoneNumber-Tollfree charges on my Account without any Pinpoint Project


I am seeing a few cents a day being charged on my AWS Cost Explorer for Amazon Pinpoint - but I have never used Pinpoint. It looks like they are linked to - EU-PhoneNumber-Tollfree - nothing I set up. It isn't a crisis (yet) - minimal cost so far, but I would like to clean it up, and I have AWS credits on the account which avoid me paying for any of it.

The account is not for anything in production - just learning and building new things

I spent some time on IAM clearing out permissions that may have been used by someone else (not sure how) and researched possible federated usage, but haven't found anything suspicious.

Any tips on tracing and killing services that might be charging to my account that I don't want?

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You are on the right track of researching possible misuse and also continuously monitor your cost. One recommendation I have is for you to enable MFA for both root account and your IAM / Federated users.

That said, you phone numbers should be listed under Pinpoint --> SMS and Voice --> Phone numbers, just ensure your region is selected correctly (maybe it's requested in a different region than EU, you might want to check all available regions).

Also it could be possible that the number have been released but it still shows up in billing console. you might want to continue monitor it.

answered 2 years ago

Excellent thanks - your idea of browsing through the different regions looking for Pinpoint projects did the trick. Although I didn't find any projects I did find this message on one of them:

"You still have SMS and voice resources associated with your account. You can remove these resources from your account to end the monthly charges associated with them. If you don’t delete these resources, we’ll continue to bill you for them."

Exactly what I needed. I have hit that delete button and hopefully that will release numbers and end the billing at some stage.

Gonna enable the MFA as you suggest as well for avoiding this in future.

answered 2 years ago

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