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/CostAndUsage - Inadequate permission for linked account/

CostAndUsage - Inadequate permission for linked account


Hey everyone!

I'm currently trying to poll for costs of the current account with the cost explorer service but I'm receiving following error:

Error: AccessDeniedException: Inadequate permission for linked account to see the cost with EDP discounts applied

While I'm aware, that I might have to grant or be granted permissions I don't know where even though I tried some variations like adding policies to the account user. Do I have to enable something at the payer account level or specify a linked account in the request parameters?

The code is the following:

          input := &costexplorer.GetCostAndUsageInput{  
		Metrics: aws.StringSlice(\[]string{  
		TimePeriod: &costexplorer.DateInterval{  
			Start: aws.String(start),  
			End:   aws.String(end),  
		Granularity: aws.String("MONTHLY"),  

result, err := costService.GetCostAndUsage(input)

Edited by: DennisLeanix on Nov 2, 2020 2:12 AM

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3 Answers

Nevermind. The input request doc required a metric value like "NetUnblendedCost" which does not work.
You have to do it like NET_UNBLENDED_COST


answered 2 years ago

See reply

answered 2 years ago

Hi Dennis,

How did you fix that? I tried to change NetUnblendedCost metric into NET_UNBLENDED_COST one but nothing happens.

answered a year ago

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