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Trying to get console.log() calls into a GreenGrass v2 log file


I'm trying to get console.log() calls from my JavaScript lambda to show up in a log file in AWS GreenGrass version 2. Version 1 has a "Local logs configuration" option area, under "Groups" -> "Settings", but I haven't been able to find any comparable settings for version 2. I see various log files in /greengrass/v2/logs, but none of them show my console.log() calls. My lambda is named ggOpcLee, and I see an empty ggOpcLee-component.log file, and a ggOpcLee.log file which has entries, but none from my log() calls. I upgraded to 2.1.0 to see if that would fix the problem, but still no logs. I have the aws.greengrass.LogManager component deployed. I see CloudTrail and CloudWatch logs for my lambda, but the log() calls do not seem to appear there.

Any thoughts appreciated...

2 Answers

I found AWS "IoT > Settings > Logs" and set "Log Role" to "leeIotRole2" and "Log level" to "Debug", after creating a role "leeIotRole2" to allow IoT as described here , but still no logging.

answered a year ago

My GreenGrass lambda was not getting called, I added console.log() call that always happens, and I uninstalled and reinstalled Greengrass, and now I see log messages.


answered a year ago

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