Transfer Files from Windows 10 Pro Machine to AWS S3 using AWS Datasync


Hello everyone, I am new to AWS Datasync service and I am working as an intern. I have been given a scenario where I have to transfer data from a Windows 10 Pro machine to AWS S3 using AWS DataSync. I have enabled NFS Services on the Windows Machine.

Is it possible to create an agent on EC2 and execute a task? I tried to do that. I provided the source details with the Windows 10 Pro IP address and the folder to be shared and the destination as an S3 bucket. All the ports were enabled on the Datasync agent as well as the Windows Machine. However, I got the below error message when a task was executed,

Execution status Error Task failed to access location loc-065df9303f651147a: x40016: Failed to connect to an NFS server on host Ensure that your DataSync agent has a route to your NFS server and can make a TCP connection to port 2049. Please also ensure that the NFS service is running and listening on port 2049. Additionally, if this is a NFSv3 mountpoint, you will also need to expose ports 111 and 635. After resolving any networking issues, retry your task.

Have I followed the right procedure for transferring data from the local machine to AWS S3?

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H, If I understood your requirement correctly you want to transfer data from an on-premise Windows 10 machine to an S3 bucket. You do not need to utilize an EC2 instance you need to configure the data sync agent on your on-premise device.

Check the following options mentioned in the documentation ->

Workshop ->

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It is possible to deploy the DataSync agent as an EC2 instance but not typically recommended due to latencies connecting to a source storage system over a network. You can deploy the agent on a supported hypervisor on premises.

For an agent deployed in AWS, you would need to provide a IP address that the agent can connect to and ensure you have the proper ports opened through your VPC security group as well.

The agent provides a local console that enables you to test connectivity to the storage system.

answered 2 days ago

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