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AWS site-to-site VPN tunnels


Hello Community,
I have a site-to-site VPN from my VPC to my on-prem data center terminating on a Cisco router for proof of concept. I have connectivity both ways and all seems to be working well but I have a question regarding the tunnels. Two tunnels are configured for redundancy. When I check the tunnel status both tunnels show up. Shouldn't one tunnel be down and only come up when the first tunnel goes down. Any clarity on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Tony Harris

asked 3 years ago54 views
2 Answers
Accepted Answer

No..Ideally you want both tunnels up at all times, but based on the priority settings provided from the other side of the connection, AWS will only send traffic back through the tunnel that has the highest priority.

answered 3 years ago

Thank you, Sir!!

answered 3 years ago

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