Migrate AWS ccount with dedicated AWS Direct Connect connections to another AWS Organization


Customer is currently carving out one subsidiary to a new AWS Organization. We already migrated AWS Accounts to the new Organization and the process was smooth so far.

The customer has redundant 10GE dedicated DX connections in a dedicated AWS Networking Account living in the old AWS Organization, mostly using Direct Connect Gateway with associations to VPCs in their AWS Accounts, both in their old and in their new Organization.

The migration of AWS Accounts with VPCs associated to the DX Gateways was disruption free, we did not lose a packet, when we migrated these AWS Accounts to the new AWS Organization.

We now want to migrate the AWS Networking Account in which we have the DX connections, DX Gateways, etc to the new Organisation. Will this also be possible without disruption? Are there any pitfalls?

I am aware of the process to migrate DX Connections to another Account, but we actually want to move the whole AWS Account itself to save efforts and time.

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Yes this is possible. It will happen just like the AWS accounts you did with the VPC-DX associations, there is not likely to be any interruptions.

If you have any Resources Shares through RAM or policies based on Organization ID there can be problems. But if not there won't be an issue.

I did this recently with a customer. The network account with DX was added to a new AWS Org from a Landing Zone, and there was no interruption.

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answered 4 years ago

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