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Split screen CloudShell?


I'd like to use CloudShell more often however it's very frustrating to have the shell only be available in full screen. I've grown to love working on GCP's CloudShell which by default opens in horizontal split screen which lets me work in the web console at the same time as the shell. Am I missing some kind of setting that allows me to do that at AWS?

  • I don't think this feature is available currently

2 Answers

Thanks for the feedback and the split view for CloudShell is not currently supported.

While our team is continuously adding new features to the console, one (though not so elegant) alternative is to open a new browser tab window and resize it to either horizontally or vertically to your desktop.

answered 3 months ago

An alternative is to use an AWS Cloud9 instance. It does not provide the same immediateness of CloudShell, but has a better support for multiple terminals and layouts.

answered 3 months ago

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