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I have this account for a class that ends this semester, but I may need to use it again in the following year. I just got an email stating that my account has exceeded 85% of the usage limit for AWS free tier level. I have not gotten into this server for over a month. what do I need to do to turn it off until I need to use it again for a different class?

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Hi @AggieIT24.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pause the 12-month Free-Tier account. You can keep using your current account and limit yourself to the "Always Free" offerings (limited compared to the 12-month free). However, if the "always free" offerings doesn't cover your use case, you can also signup for the Free-tier account using a different email.

For more info please check out this link.

answered 4 months ago
  • I just want to make sure that I do not get charged for this in the future. If I need it again, it will not be until February of next year. I have not been on the server for at least 6 weeks, not sure what use it is getting at this point.

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