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LoRa & Basic Ingest


I'm just now learning about the Basic Ingest feature which could be a great fit for our use case. We're interested primarily in LoRa Device -> Gateway -> AWS Wireless -> Basic Ingest -> Rule -> 3rd Party Application

Where we're interested in getting the Lora encoded messages into the 3rd party application as quickly and cheaply as possible. Even considering doing the Lora payload decoding outside of AWS too.

Basic Ingest seems to be a nice fit, but it's not clear how to properly utilize for Lora devices in AWS.
For example, non-Lora devices allow you to specify the topic at the device level. Whereas Lora devices do not.

Also, Lora Wireless Destinations are not clear on whether to specify the basic ingest topic (which calls the rule using $aws/rules/basic_ingest_rule OR to call a rule directly? I understand Basic Ingest is about bypassing the message broker to call rules directly, but which is the correct method?

Should I use:

Enter a rule name Enter the name of the rule or a rule/topic that will process the messages sent to this destination. (where the basic_ingest_rulerule is selected)


Publish to AWS IoT Core message broker If you need a publish/subscribe broker to distribute messages to multiple subscribers (where the topic is $aws/rules/basic_ingest_rule)

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Hi. Unfortunately Basic Ingest does not apply to LoRaWAN messages. Per the documentation:

Basic Ingest optimizes data flow by removing the publish/subscribe message broker from the ingestion path, making it more cost effective.

The publish/subscribe message broker it not normally involved in LoRaWAN message ingestion, hence there is nothing for basic ingest to remove.

For the destination, to optimize for cost, you should use a rule as in the destination. You can use the rule to send the base64 encoded binary payload directly onto another service; you are not obligated to first decode it with a Lambda.

answered 23 days ago

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