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investigate ECS unhealthy


Hi team,

I have My ECS fargate task, stopped due to failure and relaunched again

I'm trying to find the reason why the task was stopped in cloud watch but could not find anything/errors in cloud watch logs

is there any other way to investigate the reason why fargate task failed?

I ran this command :

aws ecs describe-tasks --tasks <task-id> --cluster <cluster-name>

I hade :

    "tasks": [],
    "failures": [
            "arn": "arn:aws:ecs:region:123456789:task/4easdscsddsbdsdsdsdadssdwe9",
            "reason": "MISSING"

it seems like a networking issue on the app mesh level, I have trace status like : Fault(5xx) for some calls

seems also it's a health check failure at the envoy level

Thank you

  • Did you run this command just when the task stop? Or after a while? Could you please share the task ID?

1 Answers

Hello Jess,

The "MISSING" status for the task during describe-tasks CLI operation occurs either when you provide an incorrect task ID or when ECS had already reaped your stopped task. To find out details about the task that has already been reaped, you can contact AWS Premium Support and they will be able to provide you with the information.

If your issue is consistent, you can re-create the task and find out the reason for the task failure right after it has moved to STOPPED state. You can also find the reason for the task failure in ECS service events as explained in this doc.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please reply if you have further questions related to this issue.

answered 16 days ago
  • i'm using app mesh and cloud map (ApiGW => vpc link => NLB => virtual GW task => web app task) envoy image health check with : curl -s http://localhost:9901/server_info | grep state | grep -q LIVE

    the web task that contain x-ray, envoy and myapp containers fails each couple of hours

    tasks fail around midnight

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