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/DMS: From on-premise to RDS + NAT Gateway - Best Practices/

DMS: From on-premise to RDS + NAT Gateway - Best Practices


Hi, I've started this journey with AWS and hope someone can shed some light regarding proper configuration.

I'd like to use DMS to sync db from On-premise to newly setup AWS RDS db (running within VPC#1) To connect to the on-premise db I originally created NAT gateway (running within VPC#2) as the db is firewalled and needs static IP to gain access.

I've quickly realized the DMS needs single instance that works with both endpoints - that's where my issue is. What are my options for this? -Do I create new NAT gateway within VPC#1? -Do I use Peering connection between VPCs?

What are the best practices for setting something like that.

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i would suggest creating replication instance in same vpc as db but in public subnet so that you can still connect to rds and also onprem having public ip address which can be white-listed to gain access.

answered a month ago

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