create clone of ec2 instance in two AZ


I have two ec2 instances in two different AZ in Mumbai region inside a private VPC and Subnet. I wanted to make clone of one ec2 to other.

means if I upload a single file in one ec2 instance it should automatically replicate to the other ec2 instance placed in other AZ.

is it possible to achieve???

Thanks in advance !!!!

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2 Answers

The easiest solution is to use EFS. It will not create a copy but each instance will have access to the file from their AZ.

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answered 8 months ago

The solution for this is to use EFS. You need to create a efs first, then go to your ec2 instance and using amazon efs utils mount it to the instance then do the same for the next instance and you will have the same efs running on both instances so the file sharing will work. Please keep in mind to check the security group configurations that will be needed when using same efs on different AZ's.

answered 8 months ago

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