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I have a microservice. What would be the most appropriate and economical infrastructure. The idea is to always keep the same public ip to associate it to the DNS. And that it does not change when we make new deployments.

  • Use Fargate with Balancer.
  • Use Api Gateway.
  • Use Beanstalk with Elastic Ip in an EC2 and without Balancer.
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Hi there,

To always keep the same public ip associated to the DNS of your microservice, you can use AWS Global Accelerator. Using an accelerator provides static IP addresses and improves the availability and performance of your applications.

Your microservice architecture would look like this:

Accelerator → ALB → ECS Fargate

You can add the accelerator when you create a load balancer.

Optionally, you can also access an AWS API Gateway via static IP addresses provided by AWS Global Accelerator. See blog post for more.

You can always use the AWS Calculator to estimate what your expense would look like and determine if it is economical for you.

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answered 2 years ago

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