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Filtered List in AWS console


New to the Workspace admin console, how can I see a filtered list of just unhealthy workspaces ?

asked 4 months ago50 views
2 Answers

It is not possible to filter by state using the AWS Console however this can be achieved with the AWS CLI and the jq library

aws workspaces describe-workspaces | jq '.Workspaces[] | select(.State == "UNHEALTHY")'
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answered 4 months ago

You can sort the console output by Status, but you cannot filter by it. As suggested, the best way to get this information is via the CLI or API. In PowerShell it would be

Get-WKSWorkspace | Where-Oject {$_.State -like "Unhealthy"}

and in python it would be something like

import boto3
client = boto3.client('workspaces')
wks = client.describe_workspaces()
for wk in wks['Workspaces']:
   if wk['State'] == 'UNHEALTHY':
answered 4 months ago

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