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Interactive Testing of Glue Spark Scripts


Is there a way to test Glue scripts interactively on single/few entries of data base tables? I am looking for an option to print out stuff in transformation steps, which would simplify my debugging.

asked 8 months ago101 views
2 Answers

You can also develop Glue scripts locally, if that's easier for you to debug. Instructions here.

answered 8 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago

Depending on the region you are using you could use the Glue Studio notebook .

Alternatively Interactive sessions will allow you to connect any Jupyter notebook to Glue and test interactively your script.

With Glue Studio you could use the data preview feature to check data in each transform.

and finally, legacy method (using Glue 1.0) would be to use dev endpoints.

hope this helps

answered 8 months ago

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