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AWS VTL Gateway


Our server team deployed a storage gateway VTL appliance about a month ago. I am just now getting to setting it up. When creating the VTL gateway in the AWS console and entering the IP address of my on-prem gateway, it connot reach the site. The gateway is up and pingable. No firewalls or proxy. A qucik scan of the VTL gateway and it only shows port 111 open. No other ports open. Is there a time limit between deploying the gateway and setting it up on AWS?

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There are two things:

  1. We need port 80 to be open specifically for storage gateway activation. This is the port the gateway uses to obtain the activation key.
  2. Looking at your statement that your port scan shows only 111 is open, its used for NFSv3 connection. VTL does not use NFSv3. My guess is that you must be using a File Storage Gateway image and trying to activate it as VTL gateway which wont work. In any case, you will be better off to download a new Tape Gateway (VTL) image from our console and use it to instantiate a VTL gateway on your server.

If you are having issues, please PM me your gateway Id, region you are planning to activate it, and your AWS account id and I will take a look at it.


answered 3 years ago


I am assuming you haven't activated storage gateway VTL appliance before already. There's no time limit as such, so if you haven't activated that gateway (with same IP) before, you should be able to activate it.

I would recommend to visit the page below to make sure you have the networking requirements in place.


answered 4 years ago

I have not activated it before with the same IP. I have done everything in the 'Requirements' link you gave. My only thought now is to remove the appliance and redeploy.

answered 3 years ago

Thanks! The wrong OVA was downloaded and the File Storage Gateway was deployed instead of VTL.

answered 3 years ago

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