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/HTTP Resolver: x-amz-target/

HTTP Resolver: x-amz-target


I learned how to access AWS services by HTTP Resolver at the following thread:

I have one new question.
How can I find out what "x-amz-target" to specify for each AWS service?


"AWSKendraFrontendService.Query", "AmazonForecastRuntime.QueryForecast", "AWSHawksNestServiceFacade.GetPrediction", "Comprehend_20171127.DetectSentiment", "DynamoDB_20120810.CreateTable", "AWSStepFunctions.ListStateMachines", ...

I use aws-cli's debug option.

aws transcribe list-transcription-jobs --debug


2020-01-09 16:24:26,323 - MainThread - botocore.auth - DEBUG - Calculating signature using v4 auth.
2020-01-09 16:24:26,323 - MainThread - botocore.auth - DEBUG - CanonicalRequest:


Or, I may find out by referring to service-2.json of each service from

Is there the best way to find out what to specify for "x-amz-target" ?
Is there a list of "x-amz-target" ?

2 Answers

You can have a look at the normal.json files for each service and it usually is a combination of the targetPrefix property and the actual operation name:

Here's an example:

answered 2 years ago

My question has been resolved by your answer. Thank you for your help !!

answered 2 years ago

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