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/Transit Gateway Peering - Cross Accounts Not Sharing Payer ID/

Transit Gateway Peering - Cross Accounts Not Sharing Payer ID


Is same Payer ID required for cross-account TGW peering? A customer is wanting to peer with multiple 3rd parties using DGW. I understand that cross-region and cross-account TGW peering is supported. However, it's not clear if cross-account peering requires the accounts to have the same Payer ID, similar to how associations between TGW and DXG in separate accounts do.

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By reading the documentation, and also doing a test between two personal accounts - I can confirm that it is possible to peer Transit Gateways between accounts even when they do not have the same payer account.

You do need the following details from the account that you are peering with:

  • Account Name
  • Region
  • Transit Gateway ID

The instructions can be found below:


answered 2 years ago

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