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/SageMaker framework processor compatibility with sagemaker pipelines/

SageMaker framework processor compatibility with sagemaker pipelines


Hi all,

I am asking if it's possible to use framework processor inside a sagemaker pipeline.

I am asking because the to submit the source_dir for the framework processor, we have to do so when calling the .run() method, when wrapping the processor inside a sagemaker.workflow.steps.ProcessingStep, there isn't an available argument to specify the source_dir.

Thank you! Best, Ruoy

1 Answers

You can do this with the latest version of the sagemaker sdk 2.89.0

from sagemaker.workflow.pipeline_context import PipelineSession

session = PipelineSession()

inputs = [

processor = FrameworkProcessor(...)

step_args =, source_dir="...")

step_sklearn = ProcessingStep(
answered 8 days ago

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