Connectivity issues across all ec2 related resources


Any ec2 instance I create on my account in us-west-2, and place in a security group that DOES allow inbound SSH and all ICPM. I'm only able to connect once via SSH, and for a very short period of time before being disconnected. I then become disconnected and I'm no longer able to connect or even ping the hosts. I've tested this across multiple different ec2 instances and created multiple security groups (all allowing inbound SSH). The current ec2 instance I'm testing on has the ID of i-0fc771d3daa5baec6, this instance is in my default VPC (vpc-97ff5ef2) which does have an internet gateway (igw-534c8236). I'm wondering if there's some type of network issue up stream in my account, maybe my vpc settings are incorrect. Has anyone else seen similar issues? It's really odd because resources are available and I can connect to them, then suddenly I can't without changing anything.

Also is there a way to reset my entire AWS account back to default, where it will resemble a newly created account?

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My account was suspended in the past and I had recently submitted payments (several days ago) to bring it to current. Apparently one of the last payments was still pending and the AWS Services team my account stuck a state of isolation, which was responsible for the connectivity issues.

answered 5 years ago

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