Api-gateway custom domain names: Bug in valid domain checking


If I navigate to Api Gateway -> Custom domain names -> create, and enter 'api.exampl.com' in the domain name field, choose 'Regional' endpoint type, select an ACM certificate, and click the 'Create domain name' button, I get the following error banner at the top of my screen:

Invalid domain name api.exampl.com. Valid patterns are ^*[\w\d-]*.(([\w\d-]+.)+[\w\d-]+)$ or ^(([\w\d-]+.)+[\w\d-]+)$

It seems like this should be an acceptable domain name, matching the above regular expression. I'm using Google Chrome 100.0.4896.127 on Ubuntu 20.04. I have two APIs defined in API gateway

1 Answer

api.exampl.com is a registered name in DNS according to whois. Try a DNS name that’s not currently registered and see it that will work for you.

answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you, I have, and the issue persists. api.exampl.com was just intented to be an example which gives the same error as a more complex/un-taken name.

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