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/why doesn't the 'npm run build' command create build folder on my computer?/

why doesn't the 'npm run build' command create build folder on my computer?


I'm trying to deploy a React app to AWS using S3. I use the window powershell to run the 'npm run build' command to bundle all the files together so they can be deployed to a production environment. It's supposed to create a build folder in my file explorer where I can see all the files but it didn't do that. This is the tutorial video I was watching. I'm stuck at 3:30

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Extremely difficult to answer without knowing the error that you're getting. When you run that command, does anything happen? Is an error generated? Verify npm and npx are installed as a first step, but they should be if you've made it that far in the tutorial.

answered a month ago
  • Sorry about that. I'm still learning AWS on my own so my terminologies are probably a bit off. There is no error message. NPM and NPX are installed and I did exactly what the guy did. The powershell displayed the same message he had. But it just didn't create a folder.

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