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I have been creating a customer journey using V2 to ask for the reason for a call and then an account number. In V2 when calling from lex the additional required slot of account number is not executed. So the question of account number is never requested from the customer. I thought I was something I was doing but reverted to a test in V1 and it worked fine. Has anyone also come across this or am I missing something in version 2?

1 Answers

When adding the slot to your intent you can mark it as mandatory to fulfil the intent.
This way you can either collect the Slot directly on the intent or if it has not been part of pass a followup question to the customer directly asking for the account number.

For example you can create a sample utterance:

Customer: I have a question about my account with the number {AccountNumber}

Where "AccountNumber" represents your slot and it will be filled on the first utterance.

Also you can have:

Customer: I have a question about my account

And the Slot "AccountNumber" is being marked as required for this intent with a Prompt "What is your account number?".

In this case the conversation would go:

Customer: I have a question about my account Bot: What is your account number? Customer: It's 123456789

answered 2 months ago

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