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When I try and set a filter for a visual, delete a visual, or duplicate a visual, auto save fails in QuickSight. Note that no other users are using the analysis and only one has permission to it.

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When attempting to filter, delete, or duplicate a visual in QuickSight, autosave failing could be caused by permissions issues at either the IAM role level or within QuickSight itself. A few things to check:

Ensure the IAM role being assumed by the QuickSight user does not have permissions to delete datasets. You can attach an inline policy denying the quicksight:DeleteDataSet permission.

{ Version: 2012-10-17,
Statement: [ { Effect: Deny, Action: quicksight:DeleteDataSet, Resource: "*" } ] } Log into the QuickSight console and go to Security & permissions. Check that the user's group permissions do not allow deleting datasets.

Make sure any custom permissions granted to the group do not allow deleting visuals or datasets.

QuickSight permissions need to be restricted at both the IAM role level and within the QuickSight console itself to prevent autosave failures when modifying visuals.

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answered 24 days ago
  • Unfortunately the issue is not due to permissions. We're still trying to figure out why at some instances it happens. It worked for some time and then it crashed and kept giving the Autosave error.

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