Is there a table/csv/database/spreadsheet of all EC2 instance types with their attributes?


I am trying to find the ideal EC2 instance types for our infrastructure, which depends on many factors (network bandwidth, EBS bandwidth, # of cores, memory, SSD drives, etc). Apart from functionality, pricing is also a big factor. The web interface is too limited to things like: show all instance types with 30 Gbps EBS bandwidth or more, or sort instances by $ per Gbps of EBS bandwidth. I am sure other people would love this too, an export of the data that the UI interface uses in a way that it can be automatically used via Excel or similar. Having pricing would be ideal, but even if it isn't there, just the instance types with their technical attributes would be useful. Is there any resource like this?

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Details of instance type with attributes can be found here:

If you looking for pricing specific to EC2, refer to by selecting the required purchase model.

And if you would like to see the pricing of single/multiple EC2's or other AWS Services you can use AWS Pricing Calculator tool to create estimate

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Another useful resource to figure out instance capabilities is vantage to compare instance types ->

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