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/Invalid Service in Action/

Invalid Service in Action


MSK has released a new feature. Basically, kafka client can authenticate and authorize using IAM. Link is below:

I tried out this by following the official documentation,

But when I try to create policy in step 3 i.e. Create Authorization policies, I get the following error
Invalid Service In Action: The service kafka-cluster:Connect specified in the action does not exist.

When I checked the IAM actions, resources and conditions for MSK from, I could not see any actions for kafka-cluster.

How can I use this new feature to authenticate and authorize kafka client using IAM Access Control?
What am I doing wrong here?

Any help would be highly appreciated

2 Answers

Never mind, it turns out that the documentation needs to be updated.

answered a year ago

Can you copy/paste the documentation that needs to be updated?

answered a year ago

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