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Embedded Analytics/Dashboard/Reports in AWS for SAAS App


Hi everyone, We have a Mobile SAAS APP where each AWS tenant can share their Mobile Sensors data on to AWS and inside the App, they can view their respective sensor data onto series of individual tile reports. We are leveraging AWS IOT and site wise and need to choose a dashboard tool for creating Reports for Sensor data, My Analysis on this is we should consider embed analytics which I think is only available with Quick Sight as we will be showing reports on to the APP with each Users respective data, My Questions are:

  1. Can we use any other tool within AWS like Grafana or site wise also provide Portal to create reports and embed them in our APP with data row level security.
  2. If we use Quick Sight embed, how can we make sure each User will see its respective data.

Thank you and will appreciate for your reply.

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  1. I am not a Grafana expert, so I will let other expert provide a more authorative answer to 1, but from my quick research I could not find an easy way to embedd dashboards in an external application.
  2. As for how you can make sure the user will see only their own data in a QuickSight multitenant application , the process is well described in this blog post: "Embed multi-tenant dashboards in SaaS apps using Amazon QuickSight without provisioning or managing users" .

For 2 in case you are managing the users in QuickSight you can apply row level security as describes in this other blog post: "Applying row-level and column-level security on Amazon QuickSight dashboards"

hope this helps,

answered 16 days ago

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