Website suddenly down, not able to even connect to Putty, able to ping domain from command prompt


Website suddenly stopped responding, browser says that '<domain> took too long to respond'. However, if I try to ping domain from command prompt, I am able to ping. I am able to ping public IP allotted to my instance. However, I am not able to connect to putty. Account team of AWS says that they do not see any active domain. Account is not under suspension. I can not even check the status of running processes as I am not able to connect to putty. I do not think this can be caused by any corrupted code or DB issue, as Putty is not even connecting. Please advise what could be the possible issue.

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Assuming there were no changes done to the ACL or security group rules that block TCP traffic but allow ICMP (Ping) more likely scenario is configuration within the instance is causing an issue. I would try getting into the instance to further debug the issue and since SSH via Putty is not an option you can try either accessing the instance via EC2 Connect or Session Manager.

Hope this helps to get into the instance and further debug this issue

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