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When will we be able to register .art top level domains with Route53


Please add .art to Route 53 (TLD).

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asked 21 days ago15 views
1 Answer

I know TLD availability is very important to our customers and over the years I can tell you our Route 53 team has worked to expand the ever growing lists of TLDs we support, especially because of customer feedback.

Having said that, I have also submitted a request on your behalf to the Route 53 team to support this TLD, as I understand how important this can be for you. However, unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to provide you a timeline as to when this TLD will be added. Please understand that new feature launch takes time. However, as I mentioned before, you can follow our news page [1] and blog [2] to keep up with our latest feature/service launch announcements.

You can keep an eye on the links below for any announcements regarding that.

[1] [2]

answered 20 days ago

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