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AWS Console - Network ACL - Inbound/Outbound Rules


Is there a way in which I can Export the Inbound Rules for a network ACL?? Currently everytime a new server is created on AWS, and we setup the rules we have to manually key in the inbound rules each time? sometimes they have up to 18 entries on them. Is there a way so export and import these on the console???

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You can from within the console use CloudShell to get a CLI for your account. From this CLI you can use the describe network ACLs to get the current, and then use the create-network ACL with the previously exported json to create the ACL programmatically.

In all reality the console should be a last resort for implementing things. Instead I would leverage the CLI or CloudFormation for repeatable infrastructure tasks.

Here's the example for ACLs in CloudFormation:

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answered 6 months ago

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