how to cancel a reserved ec2 instance


Hi, Does anyone know how to cancel a reserved ec2 instance? I purchased a wrong ec2 instance around 6 months ago, now it charges me every month... but I'm not using it

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Reserved Instances cannot be cancelled, since it's a subscription for a period of time that will give you significant discount compared to on-demand pricing if you are running EC2 instances with attributes that match your RI.

However, if you made a mistake and never utilized your RI discount, I suggest opening a billing support case from the account where RI was purchased. In your request to support specify the AWS region, RI type and RI ID. This is not guaranteed, since you cannot cancel an RI, but I suggest asking support team if they can help with the solution if this was indeed a mistake and your RI discount was never used / applied to running instance.

Depending on the attributes of your RI, support team may suggest how you can modify the RI or potentially exchange it in case you have convertible RI. By modifying/converting it you could change it to match the attributes of some other running instance in a region, so that way you'd be able to continue benefiting from the discount.

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answered a year ago

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