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/Is it possible to call rest API from AWS glue job/

Is it possible to call rest API from AWS glue job


I have rest API, which I need to call from AWS glue job and read some data from it for my transformation. Is it possible to handle that from AWS glue job.

1 Answers

Currently Glue does not have any in built connectors which can query a REST API directly. However if you can create your own custom code either in python or scala that can read from your REST API then you can use it in Glue job.

Case1 : If you do not have any connection attached to job then by default job can read data from internet exposed Rest API directly.

Case2: If you have glue connection attached to job, then make sure you have route of NAT gw in private subnet so that job can read data from Rest API.

answered 3 months ago

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