how to install Gitlab on Amazon Linux 2023 (x86) ?



I automate gitlab installation on the ubuntu image but i need to swicth to Amazon Linux 2023 (x86).

I looked on the net, it is not clear if Gitlab may be installed on Amazon Linux 2023 (x86). I looked on re:post site : there is a lot's of questions about runners but not about Gitlab installation.

The first point is packages repositories, on ubuntu the reposotiries configuration has to be updated with the command "curl | bash"

Is there an similar command for Amazon Linux 2023 (x86) ?

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After installing by following the steps in the document below, I was able to confirm the login.

sudo su -
dnf install postfix -y
systemctl enable postfix
systemctl start postfix
curl | sudo bash
sudo EXTERNAL_URL="http://EC2 IP" dnf install -y gitlab-ee
cat /etc/gitlab/initial_root_password


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