Is there an extra fee for the use of signed URLs in S3?


I imagine the checking of signed URLs is more computationally expensive for AWS, but I can't see how much more it costs anywhere.

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Pre-signing is just changes the place where the signature is stored. Without signed urls the cookies in the http request will have the signature. A signed url can be use by anyone without the need of a browser context.

Only if the S3 bucket is fully public there is no need for checking who is accessing an object.

There is no additional cost involved.

If going through CloudFront (which does caching) however it might have an impact. If not properly configured every request to the object in question might have a different url and is fetched from S3 every time. Also browser cache will always miss if the query parameter of the signature is different every time. CloudFront also offers the possibility to sign with cookies instead of the URL.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Sorry let me clarify... Is signed more expensive than public?

  • There is no additional cost.


There is no additional charge (vs normal request) associated with the use of signed-url on S3.

answered 2 years ago

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