AWS Oracle RDS - Bunch of *Thread 1 advanced to log sequence xxxxxx (LGWR switch) *


Hi! I see a whole bunch of *Thread 1 advanced to log sequence xxxxxxx (LGWR switch) * in the Cloud Watch. May I ask somebody to explain what it means and what I can do within the realm of AWS Oracle RDS, please? I searched for this issue but all recommendations relate to standalone Oracle instances.

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Every Oracle database has a set of two or more online redo log files. The set of online redo log files is collectively known as the redo log for the database. The database log writer process (LGWR) writes redo records from the memory buffer to a redo log group until the log files in that group reach their storage size limit, or until you request a log switch operation. The LGWR process then writes to the next log group. The LGWR process performs this action in a circular fashion so that the oldest group is overwritten by the most recent redo records. This process is called a log switch and oracle logs this information in alert log with the above message. You can safely ignore it, unless you are seeing a log switch happening more that 3-4 times an hour. ( a general rule of thumb) If it does, then you need to add larger online redo logs and drop the existing ones.

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